Pure Alumina is focused on becoming the premier supplier of High Purity Alumina through the strengths of our relationships and the quality of our product.

Our strategy, following the completion of the acquisition of Polar Sapphire is to build a facility using Polar's patented technology to produce commercial volumes of HPA, with extremely low capital and operating costs, starting in the first quarter of 2020.

With exceptional growth forecast for the HPA market, we plan to rapidly expand HPA production in line with market demand, largely funded from projected strong cash flows.

Pure Alumina is at a very exciting stage of development. Our merger with Polar Sapphire means Pure Alumina advances our plans to become a HPA producer in under a year at a significantly reduced capital cost. The merger generates considerable benefits including:


Polar's patented technology that is currently producing a 5N HPA - the highest commercial quality of HPA which sells for premium prices


Polar has developed an operating HPA pilot plant in Toronto, supplying HPA to global sapphire customers generating HPA sales and producing HPA for the qualification process with new buyers


Lithium battery separator manufacturers are in the early stages of qualifying our HPA for use in their process


The modular nature of Polar's HPA process allows it to be rapidly expanded at low capital cost and offers flexibility to produce a range of HPA products simultaneously


Competitive operating costs, with the opportunity to be further reduced by integrating Pure Alumina's effective kaolin to HPA process with Polar's technology


If you would like to join us on this journey, please contact us.

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